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Thursday 21 st June 2012

When flowers grow,
when grass is grean,
when sky is clear,
what does it mean?

When it is warm,
when the sun is boiling,
when we go swimming,
what is its meaning?

It means that it's summer,
it means that all can be warm,
it means that everybody can be happy,
unless you're at home.

It means its a sunny day.

Friday 9 th March 2012
This poem is dedicated to all the small children, girls and boys, forced into Joseph Kony's organisation. Please don't give up hope, we're coming.
Everyday I go to school
I wonder if I look cool
I wonder, who will tease me today?
And will a bad grade lead me astray?

I surf the web, and on Facebook I find
"Stop Kony '12" and I am inclined
To watch a video made this year
After it's done, the message is clear:

Stop the crimes, stop the hate,
Don't let killing be another child's fate

Snatched from thier homes in the darkness of night
Given a gun and told to fight.

And as for the girls, thier days are degrading,
You can see in thier eyes, all hope is fading.

Families and friends, forced to kill
Torture others against thier own will.

For years and years the crime has gone on
We all know it's cruel and it's wrong

And us together, me and you,
All together, what can we do?

We make Kony famous,
We utter his name
In every single street
The bad kind of fame.

Lets get him noticed
Make them all look

No justice for 26 years
Should've have taken as long as it took

Put up posters
With paper and glue
Buy a bracelet
Get not one, but two

Know who he is, watch his video too,
And try to stop his cruelty crew.

The Americans, they're planning
To capture this man
But they need enough support
So that they can

So please, please, children,
Hold on a bit more,
'Cos someday soon,
We'll be knocking on your door.

We're coming, kids,
Keep a smile on your face
And most of all...
Don't lose faith.

Wednesday 22 nd February 2012
The dance is a time to let go
It's a time to let your friends know
You wouldn't be anywhere but here tonight
Forget all the rumours, forget that fight

Just dance away your troubles
During the slowdance, watch the couples
And if anybody asks you...

Dance with girls and dance with boys
Dance with Janes and dance with Troys
Dance with whoever comes your way
Dance with your teacher, hey hey!

When your favorite song comes on
Do not hesitate to sing along
Everyone else is doing it too
So just cut loose, it's true

Eat some cake, drink some Sprite
But the party won't last all night
So get back in and jump around
'Till your feet shake the ground

Laugh off all your bad dancing
Laugh at all the bizzare prancing
Laugh at the tension in the air
When you slowdance as a dare

For the photos, smile
These memories will last a while
The strobe lights and the glittery dresses
Short hair and hairsprayed tresses

When it's time to leave the fun
Look back at the dancefloor, everyone
Remember what happened, what put you in a trance
At this very special middle school dance.

Monday 19 th December 2011

"I am alone,
my hopes drift past,
I want to moan, 
I wish It'd happen fast"

That was a story,
happening years ago,
now I am proud full of glory,
i hope I'll never again feel low.

Sunday 13 th November 2011
It was on Monday morning
Maths class, what a bore
When we all heard a sound
Monday had never heard before

It started out real quiet
Then added in volume
And soon is started spreading
All across the room!

We all laughed like loons
We chortled like never before
Tears pricked in our eyes
And we rolled across the floor

You think through all this racket
The teacher would be blue
But it was very apparent
She was laughing too!

We burst out of the classroom
And paraded down the hall
It wasn't really walking, though
We could barely crawl

Other children joined us
They all followed suit
Some played musical instrumnet
A guitar and a flute

A tampani and cymbals
A dash of harmonica
In fact, I think we were carrying around
A complete orchestra!

We hit the metal lockers
Such a loud BANG!
And to add to all the kerfuffle
The school bell rang and rang

The principal came out of his office
Wearing a silly tie
And yellled at the top of his voice,

We all screamed and ran around
Still shaking with laughter
It was like a funny fairytale
Ending funnily ever after

All the grades were together
From kindergarten to Grade 12
From the big, hairy teenagers
To the sweet little elves

We all screamed and whistled
Or sang or banged a drum
We laughed our little heads off
And made some noise, by gum!

So listen here old friend,
Sometimes you have to act like a fool
And together we became

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