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Thursday 24 th January 2013

My beloved Guardian Angel,
how much I'd do to see you,
how much I'd do to hear you,
I wish someone'd tell me how.

Oh beloved Angel,
how much I'd do to know your name,
to call you each and every time,
my mood becomes a heavy flame.

I know that you are always beside me,
I know I couldn't manage without you,
i know that when I call you,
you answer, and help me with whatever matter.

I know that you love me,
more than anyone else does,
I know that you'd do anything,
to make me eternally happy.

I know that your job is to guide me,
and to give me help when I ask,
but I wish I could see you,
and not talk with an invisible being,
resembling an empty air mass.

I love you guardian angel,
though I have no proof that you exist,
but something deep inside me,
which might be what they call a soul,
is telling me that there is this presence,
that loves me no matter if I do something right or wrong.

Friday 27 th April 2012
That's what he said to me,
That we were just

OK. Good. Friends.

Only, before you go,
I just want to let you know

That I thought I had finally gotten it right, with you
That I thought I had finally found someone true

And now when you talk to my friends
Or do something nice
It's hard to imagine you couldn't be mine.

You get good grades,
You're cute, and funny
So why does our friendship
Have to be so crummy?

Myabe because it's not supposed to be a friendship
Something more? No?
I'll close that door
But just so you know
Before you go
I'll always be here -always.
Just so you know...

Wednesday 22 nd February 2012
It was kind of sudden...
I'm not really sure...
If a boy should ask you to slowdance
During the song, or before

This boy asked me
During the song
And to be honest
I think I did it wrong!

It was kind of awkward
To tell you the truth
Looking over his shoulder
Was quite uncouth!

My hands draped on his shoulders
In a very weird way
As soon as our slowdance started
I'm sure he wanted to get away!

But as we were spinning round and round
I thought, maybe this isn't so bad
And when my brother saw me dancing
I didn't even get mad

I saw my friends winking at me
From the corners of the room
And suddenly, it seemed
The end was coming soon

So I savoured those last moments
Of that slowdance, that is true
And to the boy who danced with me...
Thank you.

Monday 23 rd January 2012
I'm sure
That when I laugh too loudly at his jokes,
He'll guess.

I'm sure
That when I drop my book, he'll know,
I've done it on purpose.

But he hasn't guessed.
Which I guess is good,
But... I kinda wish he would!

At the dance, maybe by chance
He'll see me in my dress
And think, I'll
Ask her to dance, yes?

And a slow song with come on
(Preferably by Taylor Swift)
And if he asks me to dance...eeek!
I'm sure my heart will lift
Me up off the floor
Rising more and more
Like angel wings
And then I think of other things
Like, "Say yes!"

"Ahem, uh...yeah, sure!"

But he hasn't just yet.
And all he has to do is guess.

Saturday 5 th November 2011
OK, I'm going to go
Completley out on a limb here
Because the feelings he's sending me
Aren't very clear

One minute he's staring at me
The next he's yelling in my face
Am I just crazy?
Is my heart in the wrong place?

Is it normal for a girl to feel this way?
Is it normal at this time?
Am I being really annoying?
Is this feeling a crime?

I wish he would TELL me how he feels
Instead of me having to guess
'Cause right now
My heart is a mess!

I won't tell you who I'm writing about
Now THAT would be bad
If you figure it out, don't tell anyone
Or I'll will get SO mad!

At the end of the day
Do I feel happy or do I feel used?
One feeling I wish I wasn't is...

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