About Haikufeel

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words" – Robert Frost
"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." – William Butler Yeats

Two quotes that summarise the essence of this website. I started it in 2010, when I started writing poems to express my feelings, mostly to cope with the typical primary and middle-school friend problems. I would log in every week, and just let my feelings pour out. Of course, if you look back at those poems you can tell that I was a child, and both the simplicity of the language I used and the incredible number of spelling mistakes I made are a very good indication of that. Of course, as I grew up I realised how childish my poems sounded and I was a bit embarrassed by them. So that they wouldn't be visible on the home page, I started posting artwork that I was more proud about. And in a way, haikufeel.com is my blog for any creative work that I produce, and it was nice to share the artwork and continue posting on my childhood website. 

I stopped writing because I couldn't put my thoughts to paper. I would be critical of anything I wrote, and that stopped the thoughts from flowing - the joy and relief of writing poetry were gone. The last poem was "The Chaotic Dance of the Tired Mind", a poem I wrote two years ago (09.04.15) as I desperately looked for a way to vent my frustration from the stress of studying for my IGCSE exams. 

Recently, some events in my life have made me look for the source of comfort I once had. I forgot about the technicalities, and I just wrote. And this is what this website is about. There is no need for perfection, it is a diary of my feelings. If you are here, you will either have the privilege or the misfortune of reading them - tracing back to when I was 10 years old. You will also notice poems written by other people. My friends also enjoyed writing poetry, and so I invited them to participate in expressing their feelings, just as I did, on here. 

In any case, I welcome you to haikufeel.com and I hope that you will enjoy reading the poems that reconstruct my childhood experiences, as well as the artwork and occasional story I post on this website. 

Just as a little artefact of the old website, here is my old welcome message:

Welcome to Haikufeel.com!!!

This is a site for having fun reading
happy,funny,weird etc. poems written by me and my friends. You find out how fun it is to climb a mountain and how complicated it is to make new friends. You learn that poetry is not to write and get popular but to have fun and express your feelings. And that is why me (and my friends) decided to create this site.

HAVE FUN smiley

By Judit Duran
Calzada,President, 13 years old

Hello,Mica here!I would just like to welcome you to Haikufeel!


By Miça
president, 13 years old