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Friday 28 th August 2020

Good morning, early morning
My mind wanders off
Unlock me of this curse-d prison where detachment is of a loss
and here I am
as I have been for weeks
A dreadful feeling I cannot expel
And its curse, an internal battle
Or maybe a blessing, I cannot tell.

My prison is control
The need for things to go my way
It is resistance to the greater truth and path of life that binds me to the battlefield
and all I can do is pray

And yet I pray
And I read
And I try to stand still
And my mind fights and resists because what I want, I cannot comprehend why I can't have
Control keeps me imprisonned when I know I could be free 
if just let go and if I just
accepted the good 
in the bad

The lessons we learn
The mistakes that have brought us to where we are
The things within me I try againn and againn to change...

There is a curtain to my vision
A curtain I cannot unnveil
I've chosen one route when the others could also
serve me well
Somehow I've lost the virtue of patience and
I seek it,
but to no avail.

Haunted I am, by the guilt.
The awarenness of my self-pity.
The knowledge of the insignificance of a suffering
that is unjustified
and incomparable to even to this little grain of sand that in my hand I hold

As I behold the world I live inn
And the greater uncertainty that plagues the lives of others
Annd imagine! All the stories untold.

So you see early mornning,
I greet you and immerse myself in you as an honest attempt
To change
I am unwell and the heaviness and uncertainty of the
daily moment has become too difficult to bear
So today you woke me up before you rose
And I have chosen to wake to your call.

Slowly but surely, oh early morning,
I will rise and free myself of this prison,
And I know I will find myself there time and time again,
But each time I will learnn something more about myself and perhaps 
my days of imprisonement will be shorter, or less frequent
as I take a step forward the right way.

So whatever happens today,
I promise this time
I will accept.

And tomorrow will be a different day,
But when I rise I will remember your call,
And attempt to free myself of control,
What ever come, and come what may.

Tuesday 31 st March 2020

Oh River, dear friend.
How clearly do you know your path.
While I sit here, clueless
Looking for direction
Hoping this apathy will lapse

To be still, to let what must pass, pass,
To trust that what must be, will be,
That in faith I will find my Destiny,
All of this I know and yet
In my heart there is a pit
A void I must fill.

Oh River, I sit beside you in friendship,
For in you I can confide.
My soul finds it difficult to share its pain and
in your presence I hope I may some answers find.

Life has been busy and now 
it quietens down,
In the noise of constant activity,
I drowned 
and forgot how to listen to my deeper self.

But now I Hear.
And what, I do not know.
As I delve into my depths, tell me
Where do I go?
Tell me, how do I reach 
My soul.

My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts I cannot comprehend
The wider picture is missing
The pieces are magic, the whole is perfection
And yet there is a blindness
A could I cannot dispel
But my friend, I have embarked on a journey
And I have faith it ends well.

A journey I undertake to reconnect with my spirit.
And understand the unease in my heart.
Listening to your course and your nature
In my journey I embark 
to surrender
And to let myself be taken by the flow.

A journey I hope leads to my soul.

Saturday 2 nd November 2019

Hello again, my friend,
how have you been?
It's been a while, 
and still you stand so peacefully
and Proud.

The world moves so fast, you see,
the seasons change, and now
you shed your leaves

And here you are, a hundred
or two hundred years of age,
Firm and Sure of your presence.

Over the years you nurture your 
roots and as you grow they 
Anchor you to the ground.

You know Yourself, come what may.
Let the harsh winds sway your 
branches to and fro and the
storms reck chaos and hell
upon your land.
It matters not, for here you stand.

And with your indifference towards 
the world's doings, somehow,
I feel your beckoning still.

There is a warmth and 
timeless kindness that penetrates 
my soul and being.

I know I'm not alone, because
I have you, my friend.

The years may go by but our
friendship will never change.

With your wisdom, take me 
where the sunlight will find me.

Monday 5 th August 2019

Smooth as silk
Fierce, sharp and cold
Shimmering, Colourful, Translucent,
A Mirror to all she knows,
Moulded by circumstance
While circumstance she moulds,
And the look of all she beholds...

Peaceful as air,
Violent as wind,
Like fire, she’s Merciless, Great but also Forgiving,
Alive though not living,
Defiant yet Listening.

She is Light as she is darkness
And she is thunder as she is Silence,
All are drawn to her, a Siren, Enchantress,
Intensely seen and heard and felt, yet alas!
to all, a ghost, long forgotten and past.

She, the Ephemeral Glimmer,
Our Hero, our Saviour our Martyr,
abused, neglected,
caged, disrespected, 
Yet Proud, Strong and Unfaltering.

She stands Eternal, Immortal,
Watching over us all,
Queen and Slave of the Living and the Dead.

Thursday 16 th May 2019

The world is, and of it, I am.

Knowing this, the sky behind the
clouds is seen, the sun's colours
are most warmly felt,
And all the World is at Peace.

It is, because I know
And I know because it is
No need for rational thought
When what is plain is felt

It is not life that I have but
life that I am, and being this
most wondrous existence,
I Trust.

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