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Thursday 9 th April 2015
the chaotic dance of the tired mind / brain dancingOutside, the sun is bright, the clouds are out, and
inside the piano sits, scores neatly open, ready to play
with my cousins
and all these yell at me. Come, come
in a hypnotic dance
alluring me, dragging my mind
out of its container
that no longer wants to work.
Take me, take me. 

Desperately, the container reaches for its contents
and forces them to stay
where I sit, head on table,
pen in hand. But what happens
if they are blank? 

Outside, the sun is bright, the clouds are out, and
alluring me, dragging my mind, I sit, head on table,
in a hypnotic dance.
Come, come, where I sit, pen in hand,
out of its container, ready to play
because I no longer want to work.

And all these yell at me,
for, what happens, if I am blank?

Friday 16 th August 2013
I decided to write a poem on how vacations were going to fast, when I found myself writing about school and the other vacations. In the end, I decided to add two stanzas with jumbled up sentences from the whole poem to see how it would sound if school and the other vacations went on during the summer. I hope you like it and feel inspired ;) :P <3

Friday 26 th April 2013
In the world that we live in,
whatever happens in this stupid bin,
whether you're black, white or tanned,
nobody ever tries to understand.

They just judge you by the people you support,
by whether your friends are cut short,
by if you like talking openly.
by if you like being flirty.

If you are wierd, different, or shy,
or if you like a random retarded guy,
if you are yourself and not under someone's command,
People think bad about you and don't try to understand.

I am a person as all of you are,
my friends are also people even if you might think they're bizarre,
so try to put yourself into our shoes,
because if you don't it's you people who lose,
I hope my message spreads really far,
because some people don't get to be the lucky star.

Tuesday 26 th March 2013

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Thursday 15 th November 2012
I'm feeling sick, 
my head's a storm,
it sometimes feels,
like I'm ignored.

In Geography class,
I get bored,
and two annoying boys,
make me and my friend annoyed.

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