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Monday 2 nd February 2015

My friend wrote this poem during a game where we asked each other to analyse each other's poems. I asked her to analyse the first stanza from "Such Nonsense Words". Although she was not implying anything as she wrote it - despite what anyone may think as they begin to analyse this - I believe it is a very creative and interesting piece of work. Click read more to read it.

Saturday 25 th May 2013

This poem is a poem I wrote a long time ago, when I was 10 years old, but I don't think I ever put in haikufeel.

Click read more to read it.

Friday 24 th May 2013
Me, a quiet girl,
ready and behaved in class,
me, a talkative girl when I'm with my friends,
who gets really bored at mass.

Me, a senstitive girl,
who gets hurt for many things,
me, who tries to be nice, 
but doesn't cut the correct strings.

Me, a shy girl,
but my friend relationships in general end in conflict,
me, who enjoys poetry,
but cannot write when is asked to do it. 

Me, a creative girl,
who lives in a shadow of the past,
me, who looks at her old photographs,
and wonders how time goes so fast.

Me, a dreamy girl,
who is always thinking about weird stuff,
me, who asks philosophical questions,
like why I'm here on earth.

Saturday 26 th January 2013

We believe in what they say,
even if they make it up, 
because they may,
they do it so you will buy,
so stop believing or you will die! 

Even though I may exaggerate,
life is like this, 
we must not let us be fooled,
Because there IS a chance for our life to fall into bits. 

Sunday 7 th October 2012

Written and printed on paper,
I have found,
some postcards and fotos,
just lying around.

When I saw them I read them,
and looked at them and remembered about them,
so many memories,
flooded out magically.

I remembered my kindergarden boyfriend,
my best-friend I'd had for long,
the old friends I had,
that had packed away and gone.

And it was then that I realized,
the life I had back then,
the differences there are from now,
and then.

Back then,
boys invited me,
and I invited them,
some were my friends,
some were just class-mates.

Back then,
I had lot's of friends,
and people who appreciated me,
and a boyfriend.

A boyfriend.
One that I had almost forgot.
A boyfriend?
It is hard to believe.

Back then,
my cousins and grandparents,
came to visit me,
for my birthday.

Back then, 
I was cute,
I was nicer,
I was shyer.

Back then,
people liked me for being behaved,
for being nice,
and for being who I was.

Back then,
I was myself,
I had friends who liked ME.
The ME.
And there weren't few.

THAT was my life back then.

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