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Friday 15 th May 2015
No regrets - moon

This is a narrative I wrote last year for my English class. Hope you like it! - Yasmin

Days, months, years had passed since it happened. Yet I still live in that very moment, or rather that, this moment, lives on in me, with me, off me. I would be mendacious if I said I had forgotten or if it had forgotten me. How could it, how could I, after all that we've been through. My safe, my saviour, my equal, yet it is the source of so, so much pain and anguish. 

Thursday 7 th May 2015

Pulling my hand towards the door, was a force I had no power or authority over. A force that had left me appalled, bewildered... that had left me staring at the contents of a room I could not yet make sense of. It was unspoken of. What was I doing? My mind, submissive in character, was desperately ordering my body to obey the words that I had been told only too often: "Don't you ever dare walk past that door". But I did.

Thursday 9 th April 2015
the storm - forest trees

Stress. Pain. I had to relax. And so I found myself in the forest, where I stretched my arms and released it all. Poured the negative contents out of my brain, into the grass, which in turn, absorbed it all.
“I am free!” I yelled, laughing, almost maniacally. But my behaviour no longer mattered, for I was all alone. I had all of this to myself! Oh, how unbelievable it felt, how spending a few minutes in nature, among the trees and fruitful plants, how it made you feel so alive, so detached from the insane world of ongoing stress.
Except, it didn’t last forever. Because now, my reasons for running had changed. 

Monday 24 th March 2014
the letter which arrived too late

My eyes filled with tears as I read the letter again, and over again.
“If only she’d gotten the letter… If only..”
“If only, what?” a beautiful tall girl gazed at me as she asked me, her blond hair sweeping against her face. Her sad, haunting eyes reminded me of someone long lost and gone, yet I could not remember…

Saturday 25 th May 2013

This is a story I wrote back when I was 10 years old :

Once upon a time, there lived an elf called Etipi (pronounced Et-ip-ee).
He lived in a mushroom.
He took the toy train every day to his house.
He was a magical creature, and he could make flowers fly.
He liked eating flowers, which gave him powers.
One day a Big Troll came and ate Etipi.
In the Big Troll's tummy, Etipi ate flowers.
The flowers fave Etipi powers to get out of the showers in the Big Troll's tummy.
Then Etipi threw a mushroom at the Big Troll and the Big Troll died.
All the elves celebrated and Etipi was a hero.
Bravo Etipi!!!

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