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Friday 22 nd July 2011
Put a smile on your face,
Put some happiness in you heart,
Sadness gone without a trace
To ecstasy you will dart.

Put some energy in your bones
Put some dance in your shoes
Movement does not drone
You won't have the blues

Put some tunes in your brain
Put some music in your blood
Your sadness will drain
Happiness will flood

Put some laughter in your teeth
Put some jokes on your tounge
Sadness gone with an imaginary thief

Tuesday 19 th July 2011
Now 'm happy,
now I'm sad,
now I'm angry,
now I'm glad.

I've never had so much moods before,
and brain is going crazy,
because I can't handle anymore!

Wednesday 1 st June 2011
I have no option in this world,
for moods,
I always get criticized.

And when I don't it makes me feel bad,
and mad.

when I have a problem and I need some advice,
they don't really care.

when somebody else has the exact same problem and then he starts to cry,
then he gets all the advice, pity, and comfort he needs.

when I have a worser problem,
and it's worth crying for,
they call be a crybaby,
which makes me feel worst.

So I have no option,
and I don't understand,
what is wrong with me?
will someone even bother explain?

Monday 21 st March 2011
If I'm wearing a smiley face,
it means I'm happy,
If I'm wearing a sad face today,
It means I'm sad,
And if  I'm wearing a drowsy face today,
It means I'm sleepy.

Monday 14 th March 2011

 I'm happy,
I'm excited,
I jump up and down,
I race around,
I sing aloud,
everybody thinks I'm crazy.

I am sad,
I am quiet,
I look around,
I stare at people,
I start to cry,
everybody thinks I'm a baby.

I am normal,
I do usual stuff,
I do my work,
I act correctly,
I be quiet and listen to the class,
everybody thinks I am shy.

Whatever one I do,
everyone will stare at me and say,
"Judit, you are so crazy/ such a baby/ so shy!"
and they never look at the positive.

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