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Tuesday 26 th March 2013
I never remember,
what I dream,
but sometimes I like,
to just make up a theme,
and write about that random subject,
however wierd it can seem.

A chair could be jumping,
up and down,
as a stupid old doll,
could have become a clown,
my pencilcase could have,
jumped on my bed,
my jumper could have,
found my pencil some lead.

As I try to find objects,
to personificate,
I think of a teddy bear,
coming to toy school late.

Tuesday 26 th March 2013
Darn it, 
Darn it, 
Why am I saying darn it?

Darn it,
Darn it, 
Why am I so mad?

Darn it,
Darn it ...


Saturday 20 th October 2012
On Friday's song,
I heard a dong,
At saturday night,
I had a fight,
At sunday school,
we sang a rule,
A monday morning,
I was moaning,
On tuesday morning,
School was boring,
In wednesday noon,
Was it an afternoon?
At thursday night,
I finished this random day poem and had a delight.

Monday 18 th June 2012

Mr fish,
what do you wish?

My name is not fish but mr. Dish.
and I wish that you would wish that I was a fish.

Well I wish that you were a fish.
Am I Finished?


Saturday 25 th February 2012

the word feels nice,

The lovely taste of original chips,
Oh my dear potato.

How would the world be without potato, potato?
Am I seriously talking to a potato, potato?
Oh my gosh, potato!
Why am I talking to you, potato?
Why can't I stop saying potato, potato?
Why potato, why are you doing this to me, potato?
Why is this poem getting so random, potato?
Oh, I regret saying all those nice things about you, potato!
Hey stop it, potato!
Hey I didn't say potato there!
Oh yes you caught me, I just said it again.

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