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Sunday 13 th November 2011
The soft, bright moonlight
Filters through the trees
It calms my troubled soul,
It puts my heart at ease.

The cold does not mind me;
The warmth of my essence stands guard,
And the ice underneath my feet
Is no longer hostile and hard.

The peace washes my worries away
My spirit is now free
And in the moonlight
I am truly me.

Monday 24 th October 2011

I'm so happy,
that I'm happy,
Oh how I'm trying to be happy!

But I am bored, 
Oh dear me,
I have no idea of what to do.

So I type and type,
random words,
so that I get some sense of humor....

Friday 15 th July 2011
They say I'm in a mood
Just because I didn't eat my food!
Have you ever heard anything as stupid as that?
Oh, now they're making me put on my shoes and hat!

They say I'm being a brat
Just because I won't put on my shoes and hat!
Have you ever seen someone stupider than they are?
Oh, now they're making me get in the car!

They say I'm being to worst child by far
Just because I won't get in the car!
Have you ever felt as stupid as they felt?
Oh, now they're making me buckle my seatbelt!

They say I'm so annoying it's making thier brans melt
Just because I won't buckle my seatbelt!
They're so stupid, do they even have brains?
Oh, now they're making me get out of the car again!

The say I'm acting lame
Just because I won't get out of the car again!
They're so stupid it isn't fair,
Oh, now they're taking me somewhere!

They drag me to a McDonald's
And we wait in line
I stare at the wierd simley face of Ronald
And put my mother's hand in mine

We finally get to the front
Order chicken nuggets and fries
I'm hungry, it's nearly lunch
EWWW! There's dust on mine!

They say I'm in a mood
Just because I won't eat my food...

Friday 15 th July 2011
Oh, I am so happy!
You wanna know why?
Then you should see what I'm looking at
With my two eyes

A  beautiful sunset,
A beautiful sea,
And lots and lots of hapiness building up inside of me!

I've realised I'm very lucky to have this every night,
Oooh, here come the stars,I wish with all my might
I kow the poor African kids's hopes have probably fell,
But I'd like to watch this night that's been organized so well!

I wonder how a simple work of nature,
A sunset, the stars
Can wow us humans so well
I guess that's who we are

The Earth will continue to give us
Happiness and fun
And, the best you can do
Is just play along.

Friday 18 th February 2011
 I once had a "Kartoffel",
It fell down the stairs,
Oh my poor "Kartoffel",
Who even dares,
to snactch the "Tomate", 
and strike the "Banane"!

The only problem was that my dear fragile "Salate",
got split in half,
by that daring "Apfel",
Singing "My dead Calf"

The daring "Apfel",
was "Tomate's" best friend,
but "Banane" didn't like him,
And we had a slightly kill.

My poor "Kartoffel",
fell down the stairs,
My "Tomate" and "Banane",
got snatched and killed,
My dear "Salate",
got split in half,
My  daring "Apfel",
was the only alive.

(Check the german dictionary if you are having problems understanding the name of the fruits and vegetables)

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