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Where the sunlight will find me

Saturday 2 nd November 2019

Hello again, my friend,
how have you been?
It's been a while, 
and still you stand so peacefully
and Proud.

The world moves so fast, you see,
the seasons change, and now
you shed your leaves

And here you are, a hundred
or two hundred years of age,
Firm and Sure of your presence.

Over the years you nurture your 
roots and as you grow they 
Anchor you to the ground.

You know Yourself, come what may.
Let the harsh winds sway your 
branches to and fro and the
storms reck chaos and hell
upon your land.
It matters not, for here you stand.

And with your indifference towards 
the world's doings, somehow,
I feel your beckoning still.

There is a warmth and 
timeless kindness that penetrates 
my soul and being.

I know I'm not alone, because
I have you, my friend.

The years may go by but our
friendship will never change.

With your wisdom, take me 
where the sunlight will find me.