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Finding the Petal-covered Path

Friday 11 th May 2018

Where is it, that I find myself,
Where goes this long and dreary road?
I started my journey on a flower path
a bed of blue and rose.
Perhaps I am mistaken but it seems to me I am lost
how do I find my route again,
if my mind takes me where my soul will not?
Tell me, why does the mind seek misery and bring upon itself such mighty grief?
I know where the petal-covered path lies
the intersection where mind and soul find each other and I, my inner peace.
And yet somehow I turn my back to it
Blindly searching for a treat,
forgetting what bigger happiness hides beneath the fabric of self-deceit.
But temporary is the pleasure, and how poisonous is greed,
far Greater and Plentiful are the treasures
when you cultivate your inner Seed.
Just look at what surrounds you,
Feel that summer breeze, that greenness and those flapping tails,
the way Life flourishes,
no matter how unlikely it may seem.
Remember why you took the course you did when you decided upon your path,
so pick up your courage and get going,
do it on your behalf.
In truth, I know inside me I know exactly where to go,
with patience and good will I'll reach my destiny and there my Seed I will sow.

And grow I will, roots anchoring me onto rich and firm ground.

In the horizon I see the bluebells and the leaves becoming me to their mother’s land,
Worry not my beloved brothers and sisters,
Beside you, I will always Stand.