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Behind the Veil

Thursday 10 th May 2018

Wake me up.
For I am still asleep.
Navigating the day in a haze,
unable to see past the dream curtain’s shade.

Reaching out to the world unseen,
pained by the guilts and the sorrows
of my selfish undertaking
knowing it takes will and devotion
to truly Feel.

For I have Seen.

And every time I approach peace
I destroy it
so easily
and every time it is harder to reach

Why is illusion so great a temptation?
What is it about our lives that
leads us so easily astray?
Seeking falsity
hoping but merely to be happy.

Free me of this weight I carry
let tomorrow be another day
for, as the sun rises,
my eyes will open to the world
behind the veil.