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The letter which arrived too late

Monday 24 th March 2014

the letter which arrived too late

My eyes filled with tears as I read the letter again, and over again.
“If only she’d gotten the letter… If only..”
“If only, what?” a beautiful tall girl gazed at me as she asked me, her blond hair sweeping against her face. Her sad, haunting eyes reminded me of someone long lost and gone, yet I could not remember…

But I did remember that day. It was a cloudy, windy day and I sat with my sister at the park as she told me she was going to marry some gentleman named Alexander… I even remember what she told me when I said that marrying him would be a bad idea…
“I knew you wouldn’t agree. I knew you would trample all over me.You’re just selfish, cruel, and mean. I don't want to see your face, ever again. You disgust me. Get out of my life -“
I grabbed her hand and said, “Rita, you make no sense! You asked for my opinion, I gave it to you. Now, if you want to marry him, fine. Marry him! It’s all about him, isn't it?”
“You, you.. dare? I thought I could confide in you! Im leaving…”
“No! Rita, come back!”
Never did I know… Never did I think that it would end so wrong…

“Would she ever come back?” I asked myself as I sat on my bed, thinking, desperately. My mind raced, and I felt a jolt. Suddenly, I was in a room, and I was staring at Alexander.
“Rita, darling, I’d say we should sign this contract. It states that if anything should happen to us, all our money and belongings shall pass on to the other”, he said looking at me.
“Yes, there is no way I am allowing my wretched sister take all of my money, if anything should happen, anyhow.” However, the strangest thing was that my sister wasn’t saying this aloud. I was hearing her thoughts.. Was this a dream, or was I having a vision? It seemed so realistic…
I felt my sister move her hand across the smooth delicate paper and twirl her hand in a complex motion until she had achieved her beautiful signature I had always admired. I had a terrible feeling. Why was I in that room, in her mind, I did not know, but something, I knew for sure, would go horribly wrong…
“Good” he said, grimacing, “Very good”
The room became obscure.
“What is going on?” asked Rita, panicking.
“Nothing, darling, the electricity must have gone out.”
I knew better than to believe that. I felt a jolt again, and I was on my bed. I raced downstairs, grabbed my coat, and before I could do anything else, A sudden thought came to my mind. The mailbox. I did not know why I felt pulled towards it, but I opened it and saw the following letter:

Dear Miss. Marguerita,
Alexander Bruce Williams is a dangerous man. You must not get involved with him in any manner.
There is a reason for the direction of this letter. This is confidential information and must not be shared.
Kind regards,

I did not know where I was going to. I was racing, to wherever my legs brought me to, but I knew it would be the place I was meant to be in. I found myself in front of the police office. I did not know what I was doing there but I opened the door and found myself shouting out: “My sister is in danger! I need help!” But I said no more. As soon as the last words came out of my mouth, I felt another jolt, and I was on the floor. My sister was gagged and her hands were tied together with a rope. Alexander was dragging her somewhere, and as time ticked by, I knew. He was going to drown her at the lake. I was back at the police office, and there were police officers around me asking me if I was alright. “There is no time! I- I have had a vision! My sister is in grave danger! I know I may sound insane, but listen to me, please, I beg you. I have a letter. It has proof. My sister is engaged to a man named Alexander, and this man is now currently drowning her at a lake. I dont care whether you believe me or not.  This is real. My sister is about to die.” As I said the last words, I let out a cry of despair. What had I done?
Everything was stagnant. All eyes were on me. I felt my breath pulsating and suddenly, one man rose up from the public and exclaimed: “We are to help this poor girl! She may be mad, but it will do no harm to go and see what is going on. Where exactly is she?” He directed his last question to me. As soon as I told him about her location, I was brought into a police car, and I was unconscious again.

The water was cold. Very cold. I could not breathe. Water was rushing into my ears and mouth and I was choking. I could hear my sister’s thoughts. Her thoughts about me, how she’d been so terribly wrong, how she was so sorry she had not believed me in the first place. How- how, she loved me..

It was too late. She was dead. I felt dead. I felt nothing, I felt empty, lost, unconscious. My twin sister, my soulmate, was gone. Rita.. It struck me then.
“Rita!!” I said to the tall, beautiful figure. She nodded.
“We will be seeing each other again,” she said, and smiled. She then disappeared.

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