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Etipi's Rhyming Story

Saturday 25 th May 2013

This is a story I wrote back when I was 10 years old :

Once upon a time, there lived an elf called Etipi (pronounced Et-ip-ee).
He lived in a mushroom.
He took the toy train every day to his house.
He was a magical creature, and he could make flowers fly.
He liked eating flowers, which gave him powers.
One day a Big Troll came and ate Etipi.
In the Big Troll's tummy, Etipi ate flowers.
The flowers fave Etipi powers to get out of the showers in the Big Troll's tummy.
Then Etipi threw a mushroom at the Big Troll and the Big Troll died.
All the elves celebrated and Etipi was a hero.
Bravo Etipi!!!