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I have to be careful

Monday 25 th March 2013

I have to be careful - warning sign

For some reason when I'm really sad,
I read my own poems and stop feeling bad,
and then I find some kind of inspiration,
which is a relief, because not finding any is a fustration.

When I start to write I have to be careful,
and with my words I have to be really gentle,
because if i say anything about something I want to discuss,
I might end up saying something about someone which might be to obvious,
and then everyone will know about who I am talking about,
and it won't be something I'll be able to keep out,
so somepeople might think badly of me,
and that's not how I want it to be!

So now everytime I remember when I write,
I try to be somehow polite,
and try not saying anything bad,
that would end up making someone mad,
although sometimes it is hard to do and I make mistakes,
so remember that everytime my memory breaks.

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